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How To Check Your Tariff Plan On Airtel [Simple And Easy Way]

On this Page, You Will Learn How You Can Check Your Tariff Plan On Airtel Without Calling Customer Care. This Is How To Check Your Tariff Plan On Airtel. The Codes Are Written Below.

Codes To Check Your Tariff Plan On Airtel

To check your Airtel tariff plan, simply follow these few steps;

  • Insert your SIM card, and ensure it’s ready.
  • Then dial *121*35#
  • You’ll receive a prompt notification ‘Your Tariff Plan is SmartTRYBE 2.00’

Alternatively, if you want to check your tariff plan on Airtel, just dial *121# and then choose option ‘3’ which says ‘Manage My Account’, and then select option 5 ‘My Tariff Plan‘. This will show you the current Airtel plan. It will appear on your screen right away for easy viewing.

Airtel typically shows your tariff plan and airtime amount in a single message when you choose to check your account balance, however, it isn’t always reliable.

How To Change Your Tariff Plan On Airtel

This is how to use the USSD code to change your plan without internet service. It’s the easiest and fastest way to do it.

Check Your Current Tariff Plan
To change your Airtel pricing plan, you must first know what plan you are currently on. Calling *121# and choosing “My Plan” will do this for you. You will get a text message on your phone with information about your service plan.

Select Your New Tariff Plan
As soon as you know what your present plan is, you can pick the new plan you want to switch to. There are different pricing plans from Airtel for different needs, so take your time to look through the list and pick the one that works best for you.

Migrating To A New Tariff Plan
As soon as you decide on a new tariff plan on Airtel, you need to migrate for it. You can do this in several ways:

To get to the “Tariff Plans” option, dial *121# on your phone. Then select number 5, and wait for the next screen, it will show you other Tariff plans you want to migrate to, and then follow the on-screen instructions to confirm.

Hold On For Confirmation
Airtel will send you a confirmation message after you migrate to your new tariff plan on Airtel. This message will let you know that your subscription went through and that your new plan is now live.

Get Ready To Enjoy Your New Tariff Plan.
You can start getting the benefits of your new tariff plan as soon as you get confirmation that it is now live. Depending on the plan you pick, you may be able to get cheaper call rates, more data, or even the ability to move internationally.

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Finally – Check Your Tariff Plan On Airtel

A simple process that only takes a few minutes can be used to change your Airtel price plan. Before you change your pricing plan, it’s important to know what might happen. One example is that if you change your plan and still have a current data bundle, you might lose it.

Before you sign up for a tariff plan, make sure you carefully read the terms and conditions. Some plans have conditions like minimum reload amounts or validity periods.

Finally, an easy way to get more for your money with Airtel is to change your pricing plan. Airtel has a range of tariff plans that can meet your needs, whether you want better data benefits, lower call rates, or benefits for foreign roaming.


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