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How To Make Free Call On MTN – Free Unlimited Call 2023

We previously published a post on how to get free MTN airtime in an infinite number of ways, which we refer to as unlimited because it can be accumulated as desired. Today, we are sharing with you the How To Make Free Call On MTN offer for 2023, which allows you to make as many calls as you like without having to recharge any money, most likely just N100. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Let’s move forward.

If the requirements are too high for you, there is an alternative to the MTN unlimited airtime cheat. It appears that you can accumulate airtime with a substantial amount of money, starting at N1K. You can check how to activate it here. If this sounds like new information to you, learn about our MTN unlimited call cheat, or perhaps better yet, MTN free call tips.

All we ask is that you stick with us and attempt to support our work so that it can continue. We constantly looking for loopholes on all network providers in Nigeria and other related nations within Africa to grant you the service of free browsing and free tips to use their premium services.

By learning about the features of these MTN free call cheats, let’s discover how things function with them.

What MTN Free Call Has To Offer

  • Once engaged, call capacity is unlimited.
  • No amount of recharge is required for it to function.
  • Available to the majority of MTN subscribers;
  • In fact, certain sims are chosen specifically for these cheats.
  • 100% dependable and tested.

Numbers That Are Eligible For Free Call On MTN

These are the list of number formats which are a 99% chance of getting the MTN free call offer;

  • 081641
  • 070630
  • 081640
  • 080641
  • 081640
  • 090611
  • 080640

How To Activate MTN Free Call On Your Number

After having the exact precise number in the same prefix kinds as mentioned above.

Step 1: Get A New Number

The number should be new, but if it works for you, you can try using your old number. However, we advise using a new number that was just registered and went through a smooth registration process.

Step 2: Recharge The Number

Recharge the line with merely an N100 card if you are using a new sim card or number; if it is an old sim, skip these steps.

Step 3: Make A Phone Call

Use the newly registered number to make a brief phone call of at least 2 to 3 minutes.

Step 4: Go To Settings

Then, Go to your phone’s settings and select the network option menu, depending on the device you are using.

If you are using two SIMs, choose the line you would like to activate the MTN free call on it.

Step 5: Go To Network Operator

Go to the ‘network operation setting’, which is located in the mobile network settings, which is the setting that we are looking for.

Step 6: Choose the Manual Option

After that, choose the manual option, or disable the automatic option (for some phones) and wait as the available network is loaded for you.

Step 7: Select Any Other Network

Next, Proceed to select any network from the list, excluding any MTN networks that are available there, as seen from the screenshot below.

Note: When you attempt to activate the new network on your phone, an error message may be given to you or you may obtain the error message. In some cases, you need to wait for this option to load, it sometimes takes 2-3 minutes before showing up.

MTN Free Call Activation

Go back to your phone dial-pad immediately, and enter a number beginning with 999 added to the one you are currently dialing. You can enter any number to see if the free call has now been enabled on your line.

For instance, complete the 11-digit number and phone 99907012345678.

If the call goes through, your number is now activated for free calls; if not, attempt the steps below if the call disconnects or you experience connection issues.

Simply take the following action if you get a connection issue when attempting to make a call using the previously described technique;

Return to the network operator settings, which is where we directed you earlier, and choose a different network this time, excluding any MTN networks that may be mentioned there.

Go back to your phone dealer and try calling your preferred number starting with 999. If the call goes through, proceed as directed to make another call, and you are set to go.

If it doesn’t work for you, keep trying the same method until it does, and make sure you follow the instructions exactly.


Take advantage of the several ways your MTN network may be used for calling.

After analysis, we found that the cheat is still active on some SIM cards as of November 2023. You can try your luck and see if you qualify.

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