Nairaland Server Has Been Down Says Seun Osewa

Nairaland server has been down; one of Nigeria’s most popular websites went offline.

On Monday, Nairaland, an online discussion forum that had dominated Nigeria’s web rankings for nearly 20 years, went offline.

When regular users of the site were unable to access it on Monday night, they raised the alarm.

Some of them expressed fear about probable hacking.

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Why Nairaland Server Was Down?

Seun Osewa, the founder of the microblogging site, stated the site is down because it was “taken down” by the host of its server.
On Monday night, users of the site reported being locked out, sparking concerns about suspected hacking.

A check on the platform revealed multiple error messages indicating a server problem, which Osewa admitted was punishment for ignoring an earlier emailed abuse report.

The founder said in a series of tweets on Tuesday morning that, while the offensive information had been removed, the server user interface was still experiencing a delay.

“Nairaland’s server was taken down because I overlooked an abuse report that was originally sent on the 14th,” Osewa wrote. I removed the offensive content after the takedown.

“Because the UI for bringing back the server didn’t work, it took hours to get support on how to do it.” They took the service down without notice minutes after restoring the forum.

“I’m guessing the content I removed was still cached on Cloudflare servers, allowing them to see it.” I emptied the caches, but they are still not communicating. I’m hoping they’ll talk tomorrow.

“Please share any ideas you have for working with abuse teams.” My track record is abysmal.”

He stated that the site could be restored after 48 hours of evaluation by the host’s abuse team.

“The technical support team informed me that only the abuse team has the authority to reinstate our server, that their review could take up to 48 hours, and that there is nothing I can do to speed up the process. I’ve been told that my only option is to wait. “It’s humbling,” he continued.

Meanwhile, platform users have expressed their support, with some offering solutions to tackle the issues more quickly.

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Some of those who responded also pushed Osewa to expand Nairaland into a full-fledged social media site to avoid a repeat event.


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