13 Ways To Make Money Online As A Student In Nigeria 2023

It can seem like a full-time job to be a university student, but one that drains your bank account rather than fills it. You would also concur that the only thing more stressful than the normal wahala of university life is dealing with sapa while attending school in Nigeria. We therefore completely understand your curiosity about Ways to make money online as a student in Nigeria.

As a student, you can earn money online by blogging, dropshipping, publishing books, providing translation services, offering content and copywriting services, or providing online tutoring. Content production, data input, influencer marketing, and social media administration are further practical choices.

The remaining portion of this post delves into the specifics of how Nigerian students can generate money online, whether they wish to sell their already-developed talents or learn new ones.


Almost as long as the internet has existed, blogging has been a part of it. In Nigeria, it can be quite profitable and is simple to set up.

Blogging, to put it briefly, is the process of producing content—usually written—for a readership using a self-publishing platform. To put it another way, you create content for a website that you own and receive direct, occasionally ongoing revenue from it.

Bloggers can now earn money through partner programs, sponsorships, and advertisements. In actuality, because of blogging platforms like Medium and Substack, starting and monetizing a blog is far simpler than it was a few years ago.

Great writing abilities are a must if you want to start and run a profitable blog. You may also wish to go for a simple and profitable niche where you have experience.

Content Creation

Content creation has grown from a quirky pastime to a fun way for anyone to make money in Nigeria. Creators like Sydney, Macahala, and others use online platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and even TikTok to profit from entertaining or informative visuals.

But how does it work?

The premise of content creation is pretty straightforward. First, you create something informative, funny, inspiring, or even weird. This content is usually a video but can be motion graphics or images.

Then, you post your creation online, typically on your socials or website. Finally, you make money off the uploaded content. It’s like blogging but for videos (vlogging). Therefore, you can monetize your content just like you would a blog: through ads, sponsorships, and partnership programs.

Data Entry Jobs

Data entry jobs are an additional choice for students wishing to make money online without investing any money. For part-time work, this can be a suitable alternative because it offers flexibility.

All you have to do to begin accepting data entry jobs from businesses across the world is register on a reliable website such as Freelancer, Data Plus, Axion Data Entry Services, or Guru. But don’t forget to confirm their veracity before sending them your account information.

Translation Services

Even though it might not appear profitable, providing translation services is a decent business idea for university students looking for ways to make money in Nigeria. And you can get started without any official training or prior language expertise thanks to the internet and resources like Google Translator and ChatGPT.

People usually need translation services for long-form content (such as blogs, essays, and articles), and if you’re skilled, you can earn a respectable salary. All you require is an internet connection and a smartphone. To guarantee you produce high-caliber work, you could also need to hone your proofreading abilities as a translator.

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Tutoring Online

Even while online tutoring isn’t for everyone, Nigerian students with an aptitude for teaching and an internet connection can earn a sizable income from it. And while it’s not a must, having strong academic credentials might also be beneficial.

Similar to a normal tutor, an online tutor teaches others what they know in exchange for payment. Instead of using a board and marker, online tutors interact with students using tools like Zoom and Google Meet.

With the correct clients, you can make money in practically any currency as these students can come from anywhere in the world, including the United States. Additionally, students in Nigeria can fit their employment into a strict academic schedule because internet tutoring is remote.

From the convenience of your dorm or apartment, you can instruct students in elementary, middle, and high school as well as college students.

Write and Sell Books

If you love to write, you might want to think about writing books or eBooks.

Platforms for self-publishing, such as Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, offer chances to publish your literary works and earn royalties from a worldwide readership.

Whether you decide to produce non-fiction, fiction, or instructional content, make sure it is interesting, thoroughly researched, and adds value for your audience.

To boost exposure and sales, promote your works on social media, on author websites, and in book reviews.

Cryptocurrency Trading

Among the ways to make money online as a Nigerian student is Investing in cryptocurrency trading. You can purchase and sell your cryptocurrency assets for a profit on exchanges. Through the use of websites like Paxful, P2P trading can also generate revenue.

For instance, one of the greatest locations in Nigeria to swap cryptocurrency assets at profitable rates is on the digital exchange platform Prestmit.

Young Nigerians are profiting from the cryptocurrency market’s price volatility. There are several ways to benefit from trading, such as arbitrage trading, which involves utilizing the price differential between two exchanges to one’s advantage.


One of the most profitable online income opportunities for those with specific expertise is freelancing.

If you’re talented in writing, graphic design, programming, or digital marketing, you may connect with potential clients by showcasing your abilities on websites like Fiverr, Freelancer, or Upwork.

Make a compelling profile that emphasizes your experience and begin submitting bids for appropriate projects. As long as one is committed and persistent, freelancing can be a reliable source of income for Nigerian student.

Affiliate Marketing

Through affiliate marketing, you can promote goods and services from other businesses and earn commissions.

Become a member of affiliate networks such as ShareASale, Amazon Associates, or Stakecut, or join affiliate programs of respectable businesses. Write product reviews or recommendations while including original affiliate links in your writing.

You get paid a portion of sales made by your audience when they use these links to make purchases. Building trust with your audience requires offering sincere advice and insightful commentary.

My top suggestion for earning money online in Nigeria as a stduent or non-student is affiliate marketing.

Social Media and Influencer

Social media is a potent tool for making money online because it has completely changed the way we communicate and engage with one another.

Establishing a robust social media presence and turning into an influencer enables you to work with companies and brands to market their goods and services.

Influencer marketing is becoming more popular, and Nigerian influencers are in high demand due to their genuine voices and devoted fan bases.

To draw in profitable collaborations and sponsorship opportunities, concentrate on producing top-notch content, interacting with your audience, and developing a devoted fan base.

Graphic Design

As a Nigerian student, Graphic design can be among the ways you can make money online if you have a creative flare and a love of aesthetics.

Eye-catching graphics are necessary for a lot of organizations and individuals’ websites, social media postings, logos, and marketing materials.

Create a website to display your portfolio or use freelance platforms to offer your graphic design services.

As you establish a reputation for producing outstanding designs, word-of-mouth recommendations and returning customers will help you boost your revenue.

Gift Card Trading

Ads for gift card trading must have appeared on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp status, and other social media sites. One of the greatest and most straightforward internet income opportunities in Nigeria is gift card brokerage.

You can find the greatest prices on certain platforms to benefit from your gift cards. Prestmit is a highly suggested illustration of these digital trades. You can make money by buying and selling gift cards after enrolling on the platform.

Prestmit facilitates the exchange of gift cards between customers and sellers. In Nigeria nowadays, gift cards from companies like Apple, Amazon, Steam, and others can be resold for huge profits.

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Sell Digital Products

The need for digital goods including online courses, eBooks, templates, software, digital logins, and more has increased with the advent of the digital age.

Make use of your abilities and knowledge to produce and market digital goods that benefit your intended market. With platforms like Teachable, Podia, and Gumroad, you can easily set up and sell your digital products.

To increase sales, use email marketing, social media, and partnerships to promote your products.


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