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AdsTerra Network Review
Read The Detailed AdsTerra Review And Everything You Need To Know Before Using AsdsTerra. The Ad Network Can Help You Make Money 2024.
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Read The Detailed AdsTerra Review And Everything You Need To Know Before Using AsdsTerra. The Ad Network Can Help You Make Money 2024.

In this post, I will give an in-depth of Adsterra Review (which is currently one of the most popular Ad Networks in Nigeria and other countries around the world). Adsterra, which was founded in 2013, rapidly increased in popularity due to its unique approach to ad formats and emphasis on excellent service. Adsterra has quickly grown to become one of the fastest-growing ad networks online since it was launched years ago.


Adsterra has seen a lot of success in the few years that it has been in business. The network began in Scotland and is now expanding globally. It presently serves over 25 billion unique ad impressions each month through 100K+ successful campaigns. Each of these ad impressions is geo-targeted and appears all around the world. It currently works with publications and advertising from over 248 countries.

Adsterra now works with thousands of different advertisers and publishers all over the world. They specialize in both website and mobile advertising for advertisers and publishers. Their primary ad formats include CPM, CPA, CPC, CPO, and CPI (PPI).

Adsterra specializes in different and original advertising displays, as well as efficient solutions to monetize those ads on the web and mobile.

They bring together advertisers and publishers who wish to earn from a variety of effective ad formats such as display banners, popunders, interstitials, direct links, and video banners. Although they provide a variety of ad kinds, including pay-per-click and cost-per-view, pop-unders are their true specialty. They provide a range of ad styles and ad sizes that you can use as a publisher to increase your earnings.

AdsTerra Requirements

Adsterra currently does not have traffic volume requirements. They have updated their traffic volume policy and now allow small websites on their network.

Adsterra Ad Formats

Publishers can choose from a choice of ads on Adsterra. Adsterra offers a variety of ad types that marketers can build for their publishers to use. This includes everything from traditional display banners to non-intrusive pop-unders that are just waiting to be noticed.

Adsterra does an excellent job of displaying pop-unders. As a publisher, you will be able to customize the pop-under, including the size of the window and where it displays on the screen. You can play around with this to see what works best for your advertising strategy.

Adsterra also supports direct links with advertisers. This means that you can make money by sending a visitor just to the landing page instead of displaying a banner on your website.

Adsterra makes use of an advanced ad type. The display pop-up in their mobile advertisements delivers information to the mobile viewer without disrupting what they’re doing, which would otherwise cause dissatisfaction against the company.

If you are using a mobile ad, it appears while the visitor waits for their next page to load. This enables you to show your ad across the entire screen without prompting the mobile user to actively close the ad. Another advantage is that you will get the entire screen for your ad during a moment when the mobile user has nothing else to look at till their pages have finished loading.

AdsTerra Navigation (User Experience)

Adsterra | Journal

The Adsterra Control Panel is simple and easy to use. They don’t bombard you with a slew of options and features as other networks do. Instead, they maintain a basic pleasant design that allows you to remain on top of things and follow along with what you intend to do rather than becoming sidetracked by all of the numerous features that other networks try to jam onto their dashboards.

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Adsterra Review For Publishers

Adsterra can give you a lot of chances if you meet the standards. This network can help the right publication make a lot of money. Adsterra gives their publishers data in real-time. You can fine-tune your marketing strategy to make the most money if you know how to use these to your advantage. With the right kind of traffic and the right types of ads that they give you, along with the real-time data that they give you, it can help you make a lot of money.

AdsTerra Payment Methods

Adsterra lets you pay in several ways, so it’s easy to use no matter what payment method you prefer.

Payment MethodsPayment Threshold
Wire Transfer$1,000

PayPal charges Advertisers 2% to 5% on AdsTerra and charges 0.8% with Webmoney.

If you are an advertiser, you’ll need to deposit at least $100. This is good for publishers because it makes sure that advertisers who use Adsterra are legit. When it comes to the publication, the more serious the advertiser is about their marketing, the more money they can make. This makes the $100 minimum considerably more attainable.

Customer Service On AdSterra Review

People know Adsterra for the great customer service they give to their clients. They provided support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and each publisher had their personal account manager (that’s perfect, I even have one, LOL). You can contact the Adsterra help team at any time, no matter what the issue is or when it happens.

They have a ticket system, and they generally get back to you in a day. You can also email them or use Skype to talk to them right away. They also offer support services in other languages for people who have trouble speaking English, but they might not be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Advanced Technology And Security

It seems like Adsterra has nailed it when it comes to advertisements for mobile devices. It shows the ads annoyingly without getting in the way of the user’s experience. It’s a great example of how technology and creative thought can be used together to make the smartest and most effective mobile advertising plans.

Adsterra’s geo-targeting tools are also very good. Depending on where the traffic is coming from, it lets companies show different kinds of ads. You won’t get any more business if you show a US-only ad to someone in Europe or the other way around. This geo-targeted screen helps keep you from wasting time like that. With their geo-filters, you can split-test different types of ads to see which ones work best for which groups of people.

Furthermore, real-time tracking is my favorite part of the technology that Adsterra has put in place. This tool can make a huge difference in how well your projects do if you take the time to learn how to use it. You can use this information to see right away how your ads are doing and make changes as needed.

Last but not least, Adsterra uses geo-edge technology to help stop and get rid of unlawful conduct. They can keep an eye on where real traffic is coming from, which helps them cut down on click farms and bot traffic that falsely boosts the results ads get from their publishers. Some people might not think this is important, but it is a big reason why Adsterra can pay so much for ads. Because they pretty much get rid of fraud on their network, they can pay their authors more than other networks can.
In terms of security and protection from invalid clicks or bot traffic, AdsTerra is even more than AdSense, Yes! I mean it.

AdsTerra Prons

  • They are experts at pop-under ads
  • They offer help 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • They also have a 5% referral program
  • They support in other languages
  • They pay every two weeks and give you several payment options
  • They have ads for computers and mobile devices.
  • They get a lot of high-paying clients and offer a huge range of ad formats and types.
  • The company is growing and should keep updating its network.

AdsTerra Cons

  • Rates may be lower in other places.
  • Hard to get a high CPM
  • Some ads contain disturbing contents


What Is The AdsTerra Minimum Payment?

The AdsTerra minimum Payment or Payment threshold depends on the payment method you choose. PayPal and Crypto payment is $100 minimum, Webmoney and Paxum are $5 only, and wire transfer is $1,000.

What Is The Format For An AdsTerra Publisher Show Ad?

Publishers can pick from three price models at Adsterra: CPM, CPA, and CPC. All ad formats have 100% fill rates.

What Are The AdsTerra Publisher Requirements?

To begin earning money on AdsTerra, publishers must first ensure that they have an audience (traffic). This is optional, but it requires a lot of traffic to make money with AdsTerra.

What Is AdsTerra Minimum Traffic?

There are no requirements for that because as one of the best Ad Networks, AdsTerra can still accept your website/blog even if it’s new.

In Conclusion

Adsterra is an excellent ad network for publishers with any volume of traffic (big or almost nothing). If you have a lot of US or European visitors, this ad network is an excellent option for you. It offers large payouts equivalent to AdSense, making it an excellent alternative.

Adsterra imposes severe penalties on publications that break their terms of service. If you intend to break any of their mentioned regulations, we recommend that you prepare for a ban. If you are a website owner who is still working on increasing traffic, you should avoid this network because you may not be able to achieve the minimums that they expect their publishers to have.


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